Mrs. Opening Number- Opening number dress will be provided, you will need to provide clear or nude colored shoes.  

Interview Outfit- You will need a nice dress or skirt suit, something that reflects your style and personality.  The outfit you select should be suitable for a job interview. Solid colors work best. Pant suits are strongly discouraged!  

Swimsuit- You will have the choice to wear a one piece or a two piece swimsuit that is of your choosing. Color will be released in closer to the pageant date.  You will need clear or nude colored shoes and a wrap or sarong.

Evening Gown- You will need a long formal dress, any style, any color. The value of the gown will not be evaluated. Select a dress that flatters your figure, complexion, and makes you feel beautiful!    

Backstage rules and regulations:  No one is allowed in the backstage dressing area during the pageant other than the contestant. We will have staff backstage to help with changing if necessary.       


1. APPLY:  There is NO application fee.  If your application is accepted, you will receive an invoice for the $200 registration fee.  Everyone competing in the state competition will represent the area where they live, work, own property, or are from.  There is a lot of pride representing your city or county in the state.  Once this payment is received, you will receive the Official Mrs. Virginia and Capital Region United States welcome packet.

2. SPONSORSHIP: The sponsorship fee is $595. This is in addition to the Registration Fee.  This fee will pay for your local sash to be mailed to your address. $595, in addition to the registration fee, must be paid prior to taking possession of any offerings, including the Official local titleholder sash.

3. TICKETS: All Mrs. Virginia/Mrs. West Virginia United States contestants are required to purchase 10 tickets for resale or to gift sponsors. Contestant tickets are $25 each.

4. CROWN: Crown is optional and is available for purchased through DMGC office.

 (All credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.)

5. AD PAGE: A one full page ad is recommended to let the judges get to know you before the interview.  The $299 fee covers a full page ad.  If you need ad page help please let us know.

$299 Pageant Program Advertisement fee is required to purchase or sell at least 1 full page Advertisement in the pageant program book at full price prior to receiving discounted pricing.  DMG SWAT Training Academy and Pageant Design Solutions are our ad designers  http://www.pageantdesignsolutions.com 

Available Advertising Official Pageant Program Book

Advertisement Cost Back Cover $1000

Inside Covers $750

Two Page Spread $550

Full Page $300

Half Page $175

Quarter Page $100

6. MERIT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:  Our merit scholarship program will help with the associated costs of  your ad page fees.  We have set up incentive point program to assist in offsetting your ad space fees based upon weekly appearances, community opportunities and fundraising events.  
7.  PAYMENT INFORMATION:  All payments can be made online under the website. 

All checks are subject to a $25.00 fee will be incurred for any returned checks. *A late fee of $150 will be incurred if all required payments and documents are not received by the required date.  All payment plans are subject to a 10% administration fee of the balance or $35.00, whichever is greater.  Balances accrue an administration fee of 10% of the balance or $35.00, whichever is greater, on a thirty day rotating basis.


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