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After having served the Commonwealth of  Virginia and our Federal government in multiple capacities, last as a judicial officer, I quickly realized the one regret that everyone has at any given time.  Being a key player in financial, insurance, retirement planning, real estate and mortgage industries showed me how to teach others the power of money movement goals.  Certification as a  Financial Divorce Planner allowed me to save many marriages from financial ruin by helping families add $300-$500 income to their familiy per month.  Family, children, and love encouraged me to study health, wellness and obesity and to help others find their wellness point, by the way, no two are the same.  So when people ask who is Shena and what does Team DMG do? We simple respond with a question...we help people feel better than the way they felt before the moment we first met.  That is what Team DMG calls, Do More Good.  So grab a cup of coffee and let's talk.